Lunchtime Running

Training has been sporadic since Christmas although I have managed to complete a Trail Half Marathon and a 20 mile Run, I have not been doing the miles and my speed has been gradually reducing. They were both a massive struggle too.  Getting home from work, the dark nights, walking the 2 dogs and then preparing tea, running has taken a back seat.  I say to the Mrs nearly everyday ‘I have to go for a run tonight’, ‘No excuses tonight, I am running before tea’.  Every night is a failed promise.  Food gets in the way, the dogs get in the way, something gets in the way.   Went running last Thursday lunchtime, did the park run on Saturday and squeezed in a 5 miler on Sunday morning so a very successful  Easter running weekend.  Rested on Monday, so packed my kit for a lunchtime run in work to keep up the successful week.  A colleague is a keen runner and only ever goes at lunchtime using his time wisely.  I have joined him on numerous occasions and he always offers an additional challenge.  I’m sure we both speed up slightly, not in a competitive way, but the added motivation makes a training run that bit more challenging.  Dropped him an email and we have opted for a 10k today.  The sun is out, the skies are blue and their doesn’t seem to be much wind……

Run done.

Was enjoyable, although the hill at Mile 2 is a heart rate increaser!  Chatted through our weekends and got some much deserved sun on the face.  Managed a 10k or 6.2 miles however you prefer. I tend to switch between miles and kilometres…..must be my age. Kilometre splits below and you can clearly tell where the hill is:

4.57, 4.40, 5.16, 5.05, 4.44, 4.52, 4.51, 4.54, 4.44, 4.33

Overall a very satisfying 7:51 Min/Mile Average which for a lunchtime run is pretty good with me. Would find it a real effort to do that on my own so the advantages of running with a friend is clear.  On another plus side, todays run is done and I have had a bit of a streak running on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and now Tuesday.  Not done that for a long time.   Will get home and take the dogs for a walk without the dread of having to go out again to run.  The general story of running….was hating every step of the 1st 3 miles, now I’m back at my desk, feeling good safe in the knowledge that todays run is done and dusted!!!


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