Wednesday night football vs running

I mentioned in an earlier post that what little core fitness I have has come from a weekly 5 aside game with friends. This has been a regulat occurance for at least 15 years. Since my interest in running has increased my inclination to play football has decreased.  Running and football do not mix very well. Just has my running would start to improve I’d pick up some injury or other.  Considering its a friendly I’ve broken my wrist twice and picked up numerous twisted ankles and torn ligaments not to mention a whole host of minor niggles and knocks. From a few months to a couple of days out injured the running progress ceases and you find yourself always struggling to get back to your best. So after a few weeks of missing football and not playing very much at all over the last 6 months I decided to go back last night. It was a one sided game as 5 of us happened to turn up in red and dominant the scoring. I was a bit rusty buy enjoyed the win. In the last 5 minutes I turned my dodgy ankle and feared the worst. It’s OK this morning but was close to another few weeks off running when I am seriously trying to train for a few half marathons coming up. Should I hang up my boots!!!!


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