Thursday Night Training – Excuses and Chores

Its Thursday Morning, I’m sat at home thinking about going to work, thinking about running. I’m started this post about this evenings run early, with the hope that a half written post will give me extra incentive to actually get out and run this evening.  Its been a very good week of training and I don’t want to make the usual excuse tonight.  It will be a tight squeeze, its pub night which means I am going out at about 8pm.  The Mrs car is having an MOT, so I need to pick her up at 4pm to get her car.  Once we get home, by 4.30ish, 1st job will be to take the dogs for a walk.  This needs to be together as she cant manage the both of them (killer cockapoos) yet!  Hopefully ready for a run by 6pm, but tea still needs to be made (that usually falls to me too), so providing I am not exhausted I will get out and run.  The weekend will be filled with DIY and my Dad is coming around at 10:30 on Saturday (still time for a parkrun) and at 9am on Sunday to start building walls.  I need to re-introduce the long Sunday run into my routine but house renovations and dogs are getting in the way.   When will 3 day weekends be introduced!  That’s why I need to ensure I am sticking to some kind of training plan.  This year is all geared towards the Full Marathon which is coming to Cardiff in April 2018, exactly 12 months away.  I always vowed I would never ever run a full marathon, but the prospect of one on my doorstop the year I turn 40 is too much of an opportunity to miss.  I want to say I have run a Marathon and never have to run one again.  I want to see if my body can cope, if I can get through 4 hrs of pain.  That’s why I need to get out tonight.  I also have a test coming up with something called runstock – as many 5ks as you can complete in 8 hrs and I am going for 10.  50k.  That’s in less than 8 weeks so really need to get some running time in.  That’s another reason why I cant miss tonight.  Watch this space, read on to find out if and how I did…..

Everything changed….picked up the Mrs and agreed I needed to go for a run before the dogs. I am relatively fit but after a day in work, getting home and taking the dogs before a run is quite a chore and often gives me that excuse not to run, also always ravenous by that point and eating is something I love which also stops me running.  I disgust myself sometimes and considering posting a food diary, even if nobody reads the post it might make me annoyed at myself and push me into a healthier lifestyle.  ATM I eat like a kid who has never seen a sweet or bar of chocolate, I cant get enough.  Digressed again J  Anyway did I go for run?  Hell Yeah! Got my kit on and didn’t have any idea where I was going to go, how far etc just wanted to get out.  Left the house and as I walked down the street waiting for my Garmin to kick in, I made a strange choice.  I opted to turn left out of my street which means uphill rather than my usual right, to the nice parks and suburbs of Cardiff.

Soon into the run I wished I hadn’t. After a good week of training and football the night before everything was hurting.  My feet, my toes and my calves.  The fact I was running on a gradual incline didn’t help. After about 2 miles the land levelled up and I started to feel a bit better and started to daydream rather than thinking about the hurt.  I had made it to a lovely park which earlier in the run I had decided to run around then I spotted a railway bridge (steps) and another set of steps back up to the road, so with a strange memory of Rocky in my head I opted to tackle these steps 4 times, up and over the railway bridge, up the steps to the road and back around to the railway bridge.  4 times I did this and each circuit took about 100 seconds.  I was ruined but managed to carry on thinking the return journey was pretty much all downhill.

Not sure if steps are good for runners, it worked for Rocky, so guess it has to be good but it felt good to mix it up.  Random splits in the run and a funny hill profile including a total elevation gain of 223ft.  6.21 Miles – 56:14, average pace of 9:04 min/mi.  Happy but and a deserved rest on Friday.


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