2018 Running Aims

I’ve been running for 3 years. 2015 I ran 823 Miles, 2016 I ran 839 Miles, 2017 I ran 645 Miles.  All of my existing PBs were set in 2015.  A whole 2 years without a PB has been quite de-motivating.  I’m 40 this year and figure there is not much time left to get a PB.  My target is for 2018 to be the year of the PB.  My existing PBs are:


1km     – 3:21

1 Mile – 6:06

5k        – 20:44

10k      – 44:11

HM      – 1:43:29


And I plan to beat them all. My main aim has always been to achieve a sub 20 minute 5k.  I think if I can do that I will be able to beat all of the other targets.  I am going to up my training and plan to add hill and intervals into my plan.  I have 2 Half marathons booked already, and am planning on entering at least 2 10k races to try and hit my PB’s.  5k’s are always done at parkrun and the mile and km attempts could form part of that or as separate sprint sessions.  Watch this space.


Other aims…..Come top 3 in a parkrun (or 1st if I can find one small and slow enough), visit another 5 parkruns I have not done before and actually volunteer a couple of times.  Average 80 Miles a month and break the 900 miles for a year (1000 would be better)


Quite simple really. The training starts tonight with a steady 4 Miler.


If anyone has any tips on breaking these speed barriers I would welcome them.


Happy New year



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